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Sunniva's Oldest Brother, Jim DeCicco, gets grilled about Sunniva's unique differentiators by Elana Fine, managing director of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, for the Post.

The brothers talk about reaching their audience of college students and young professionals with foodservice.

January 2018: Super Coffee launches revamped product-line with Zero Sugar

Steve Mariotti from the Huffington Post interviews Sunniva's founder and Youngest Brother, Jordan DeCicco. Read what happens when student-athletes say no to sugar.

Sunniva honored in BevForce's 8 companies with great culture "Great Job, Everybody" awards.

The inquirer catches up with Jordan to learn about his journey from Phila-U basketball standout to startup entrepreneur.


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Sunniva Partners with WeWork

Super Coffee Launch: Nov 2016

How Super Coffee's Made